Bassari Alexandr

Sasha was born in Gorkij, Russia in 1963. In 1982 he graduated from the School of Art in his native city. In 1991 Sasha graduated from the Art College named after world famous sculptor V.I. Mukhina in St.Petersburg, Russia. From 1992 he is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Sasha is of the same school as famous Russian artist Sergei Smirnov, who achieved global recognition for his angel-like figurative paintings. It is very difficult to name the style. Enchanted Realism comes to mind, Naïve Surrealism is another option. We decided to call it Gentle Surrealism.

Welcome to the Enchanted World of Sasha Bassari. Here you will find peace, relaxation, creativity, and love. The artist paints children playing, peaceful townscapes, angels and fairies. The paintings are soft and gentle. All his work is immersed in the ideal of unity throughout the Universe. The artist combines carefully placed, soft, diffused colors contrasting with graceful yet bold brush strokes – a unique blend of the essence of the subject – and the spirit of the artist. The figures in his paintings appear as if they are angels: divine souls, completely innocent and pure. Those angels are almost floating in an atmosphere of melancholy happiness.

If you want to bring home something that will make atmosphere at home peaceful, something that will start slowly changing everyone’s mood to “light” and “warm” then you shall have Sasha’s paintings on your walls.

It is a truism to say that someone is a “child inside.” It is a truism with others but Sasha is an embodiment of a child. I am sure he believes in tooth ferries and if he will tell you that he is not it is only because he wants to make you feel good.

Sasha’s is a child who doesn’t understand a concept of lying. He believes anyone and everyone. He becomes attached to places and things. He can’t leave a small one-room apartment that was built above the top floor of an old building in the historical center of St Petersburg. It is so small, it is impossible to cook and paint at the same time. But Sasha knows every roof and chimney that he sees out of the only window the apartment has and can’t part with them.

When asked how his style was born, Sasha first is trying to avoid the question, but then says looking directly at you with his huge innocent eyes that one night he was lying awake and a nymph of an unbelievable beauty flew into his room. She smiled at him but when

he extended his hand to touch her, she disappeared.

He also will say that he have heard music and saw in his head this wonderful world he is trying now to depict. He says, this is not a separate world. I am not talking about magic kingdoms or other galaxies, he will say, I just see that others for some reason do not see – we are sharing our world, our streets and our forest and rivers with creatures that are afraid of us and not making themselves visible. The creatures, Sasha would continue, are asking us not to destroy the world we live at… it is their world as well.

Sasha’s works sold in London and in St Petersburg. He has devoted fans that love his work and say that they also from time to time see those wonderful creatures that share our world and afraid to make themselves visible… but chosen to be seen only by the eyes of wonderful artist Sasha Bassari and those that love him.

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