Gasparian Armen

Armen Gasparian a member of Russian Union of Artists, one of the most talented,  unique and successful modern painter of Russia

Armen Gasparian was born in 1966 in the city of Kafan in the south of Armenia. He studied at an art school in the workshop of Georgy Airapetian. Since 1985 he has lived and worked in St. Petersburg. He graduated from the art and graphic faculty of the Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University.

The artists’ works are held in private collections of Germany, Netherlands, Finland, USA, Russia and other countries.

Armen Gasparian is a talented artist, who name has long been familiar to specialists and connoisseurs of art. The world of his romanticized and symbolic images draws the viewer in with its inner drama and subtle lyricism, and the feeling of a treasured secret. Armen Gasparian found his own artistic language, which combines the traditions of classical art and a search for a new plastic form.

The main exhibitions:

1992 – Gallery ” Paradise” Saint-Petersburg, Russia
1993 – Gallery ” Krunk ” Saint-Petersburg, Russia
1994 – Gallery ” Guild of masters ” Saint-Petersburg, Russia
1995 – Gallery “Arch” Harlem, Germany
1996 – Gallery “77” Homburg, Germany
1998 – Gallery “Dune” Domburg, Netherlands
2001 – Gallery “Paradis Horbour” Amsterdam, Netherlands
2003 – Gallery ” Guild of masters ” Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2004 – Gallery “Artefiz” Zurich, Switzerland
2005 – Gallery “Dune” Domburg,  Netherlands
2006 – Gallery “Straus”, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2007 – Gallery “Mirror” Moskow, Russia
2007 – Gallery  “St Remy”  Liège, Belgium
2007 – Gallery “Mirror” Moskow, Russia
2008 – Gallery ” Guild of masters ” Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2008 – Gallery “AmstelArt” Heemstede, Netherlands
2009 – Gallery  “S.Р.А.S” Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2010 – Gallery “Dune” Domburg, Netherlands

2010 – the Palazzo Medici “Russian Florence” Italy
2010 – the ART FAIR Utrecht , the Netherlands
2010 – exhibition “To the 300 anniversary  of the Armenian community “, St. Petersburg Union of artist
2010 – Art-salon Cannes , France
2012 – Domburg, Netherlands
2013 –  Personal exhibition in the gallery “25-17” city of Perm
2013 – ART EXPO New York

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