Gukasov Grigoriy

Gukasov Grigoriy  a member of Russian Union of Artists,  one of the most recognized, with brilliant talent  and skillful modern painter of Russia

Grigoriy  was born in 1980 in Leningrad (now known as Saint-Petersburg), Russia

In 1999, Gukasov graduated Krasnodar Art Colleg

Grigoriy got classic artistic education of Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts, also known as the Repin Art Academy, in the studio of monumental painting under the guidance of academic A.Mylnikov, where his teachers also were such a magnificent artist as V.Pesikov, S.Repin and A.Bystrov. In Academy of Arts Grigoriy remains true of the traditions of XIX-XX-th century`s Russian school of painting.

In 2005 rewarded with a medal of Russian art Academy for the “success in studies” and in 2006 graduated with honours his education. Artist rewarded with bronze sphinx by the Redactors and Government Council of Saint-Petersburg for the best graduation work of 2006

In 2006 had won the “Saint-Petersburg Muse” grant in nomination “painting”

In 2006-2009 studied on the postgraduate course under the supervision on professor A. Bystrov

In 2006 had been granted with a scholarship of The Russian Union of Artists and became a Member of Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists

In 2008 honored with the diploma for the organization and managing the exhibition ‘Saint Ioann Krondshtadskiy and Russia” in Saint-Petersburg

In 2009 honored with bronze medal of the Cultural Heritage Foundation

In 2010 honored with silver medal of the Russian Academy of Art 

Grigoriy is an artist of diversified talent and a representative of Russian Academic school. With equal freedom and fancy he paints his studies, works on a small paintings, monumental projects, and same time creates wonderful drawings, expressive litographies. Artist painted the altar of the Orthodox Churches in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Detroit, USA.

All of this makes Grigoriy Gukasov one of the most promising, interesting, unique and skillful artist of Russia.

Since 2000 artist took part in a plenty of exhibitions around the country and abroad.

Grigoriy`s paintings are in Museum of Contemporary Art of Beijing, China

His works are in private collections in Russia, USA, China, Montenegro, Italy, Finland, and etc.

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