Gurenkov Oleg

Was born in Elgava (Latvia) in 1958


1977 – Graduated from the P. Vlasov`s college in Astrakhan (department of painting)

1989 – Graduated from the Academy Repin`s Institute of Art in St.Petersburg (department of painting) with the Silver medal. His teacher was a famous painter E. E. Moiseyenko.

Since 1996 – Member of Union of Russian Artists.


1987 – First and second prize. All-Union Contest “Struggle for Peace”, Russia

1989 – Silver medal of the Repin`s Academy

1989 – Silver Medal on Exhibitions of Achievement of People`s Culture. Moscow,


 Solo Exhibitions

1992 – Solo exhibition in the House of Cooperation of Science and

Culture in Berlin, Germany

2003 – «ART GOROD» (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2004 – State Museum of B. M. Kustodiev (Astrakhan, Russia)

2004 – Central Exhibitions Hall. (Moscow, Russia)

2007 – Central Exhibitions Hall of Union of Artists (St-Petersburg, Russia)

Main exhibitions

1987 – All-Union Contest “Struggle for Peace” (Moscow, Russia)

1987 – Exhibition in Gdansk (Poland)

1988 – Exhibitions in Holland and England

1989 – Exhibitions in Athens and Soloniki (Greece)

1989 – Exhibition of Achievement of People`s Culture (Moscow, Russia)

1996 – Exhibition in the Russian Embassy in Washington (USA)

1996 – Anniversary exhibition of Russian Union of Artits. Central Exhibitions Hall “Manez”

(St-Petersburg, Russia)

1999 – Tavrychesky Palace (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2000 – Art-gallery ”Labyrinth” (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2000 – Exhibitions Hall “Na Arsenalnoy” (Pskov, Russia)

2000 – “Art-Novosibirsk”. State Gallery of Fine Arts (Novosibirsk, Russia)

2001 – State Museum of V. Surikov (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

2001 – “Art-group Masterskaya”. Art-gallery “Art-Gorod” (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2002 – “Art-group Masterskaya”. Art-gallery “Spas” (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2004 – Central Exhibitions Hall of Union of Artists (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2008 – Festival «Erotica». «АRКА» art-gallery (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2011 – «Eastern Kaleidoscope -3». «АRКА» art-gallery (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2011 – «Genius and chef-d’oeuvre». Central Exhibitions Hall “Manez” (St-Petersburg, Russia)


Queen’s Aсademy of Arts (London). This painting was sold through Christie`s auction in 1998

Museum of Academy of Arts (St-Petersburg)

Gurenkov`s works are in the private collections in Russia USA, France, UK, Germany, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Spain, New Zealand, Greece, Chili, Australia many other countries

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