Khattin Valery

Valery Khattin is a member of Russian Union of Artist, one of the unique and well-known painter of Russia, was burn in 1964 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Artist`s paintings are held in Zimmerli Art Museum (USA, NJ), and in Institute of Contemporary Art, (USA, Philadelphia).

Valery`s artworks are in private collections of Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, USA, Japan, China, Sweden, Singapore, Korea and other countries.

Valery was brought up on a rich heritage of West European art. The artist is highly professional, as a result of serious academic training. Artist graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, in an atmosphere of great art that had existed there for two centuries.

Painter works in impressionism style. Valery found his own artistic language that is full of passion and feelings. The main themes in artist`s works are magnificence of the surrounding nature.

Artist took a part at greatest list of exhibitions all around the world: from the USA to China.
Valery `s paintings are held in collections of Museum of Modern Art Pennsylvania and in private collections of Russia, UK, USA, China, Finland and ect.

Artist, as the very emotional person, works on the brink of impressionism and expressionism. The main themes in Valery`s works are magnificence of the surrounding nature and uniqueness of female beauty.

He uses in paintings a heritage of French postimpressionists Paul Cezanne and Vincent Van Gogh and continuous working in same style as they did. Valery puts on canvases confident, powerful brush strokes, choose contrasting, bright and sensual colors, makes paintings full of kindness.

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