Inkatov Sergey

Sergei Inkatov was born in Baku in 1971.

1987 Entered art vocational school in Baku to study painting.

1992 recived Certificate of Tver (Russia) high artistic school after Venitsianov on class of painting
Member Russian Artist`s Union in Estonia

Laureate of fund ”Cultural Property», Russia,

Laureate competition «Tallinn Cultural Capital of Europe 2011”

Works of S. Inkatov are held in the Art Museum of Narva, «Cultural Property» of the Art Fund in Russia, at the «Comas» Gallery in Spain, Barcelona. At the Maardu Administration in Estonia and many private collections around the word.



2002 Russian Drama Theatre gallery. Tallinn, Estonia
2002 “Obu” gallery. Tartu, Estonia
2003 G` gallery. Tallinn, Estonia
2003 La Galerii Passage, Tallinn, Estonia
2004 Art-link gallery. Tallinn, Estonia 
2005 Portland, USA
2006 Hammond gallery. Tallinn, Estonia
2006 PARADOJA gallery. Madrid, Spane
2007 Gallery - G. Tallinn, Estonia
2008 Würth gallery. Tallinn, Estonia
2008 AKMENZ ZENKLAI. Vilnus, Lithuania
2008 Torcul gallery. Barcelona, Spane.
2009 Art museum. Narva, Estonia
2009 Marziart gallery. Hamburg, Germany
2009 N Prospect. St Peterburg, Russia 
2010 Fine Art Gallery. Ledbery, UK
2010 Russian Art Fair. Park Line Hotel. London. UK 
2010 Summer Contemporary Fulham Art Fair. Unique Art Gallery. London. UK
2010 Fortak gallery. Berlin, Germany 
2010 Salon Art Bizzare, La Gallerie Pall Mall. London. UK
2011 GM 18. St. Peterburg, Russia
2011 Petropalace. St.Petrburg, Russia
2011 Make Your I.D. Tallinn, Estonia
2012 Architecture Gallery. London, UK
2013 New-Place-Gallery. Hertogenbosch, Netherlands 
2013 Blokhus Gallery. Blokhus, Denmark
2013 Art Expo Bejing, China
2013 Make you ID, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 Tallinn City Council. Tallinn, Estonia
2013 V58. Aarhus, Denmark
2014 Rotermani Galerii. Tallinn, Estonia
2014 V 58. Aarhus, Denmark
2014 Department of Agriculture. Tallinn, Estonia
2014 Kochi Kohvik. Tallinn, Estonia
2014 Blokhus Gallery. Blokhus, Denmark 
2015 Archetecture Gallery. London, UK 
2015 Sala Concell 242. Barcelona. Spane
2016 Kunst og Kage. Ryomgard, Denmark 
2016 Alter Studio. Tallinn, Estonia 
2016 Art Expo. New York, USA

Инкатов - Желтый день - 80х80
Инкатов - Желтый день - 80х80
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Инкатов - Вавилон - 80х81
Инкатов - Вавилон - 80х81
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Инкатов - Морская рапсодия - 80x80
Инкатов - Морская рапсодия - 80x80
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Инкатов - Лето в городе - 70x70
Инкатов - Лето в городе - 70x70
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Инкатов - Старые башни - 90x60
Инкатов - Старые башни - 90x60
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Инкатов - Вечер в городе - 70х80
Инкатов - Вечер в городе - 70х80
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Инкатов - Вечер в городе - 70х90
Инкатов - Вечер в городе - 70х90
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