Bernadskiy Gennadiy

Gennady Bernadsky was lucky to be born in the Crimea and the south formed his color perception, color vision.


The painter is the son of the People's Artist of Russia and Ukraine, and from childhood he had to be in good shape, to compare with his father, and most importantly - not to be like, find his own creative way, in which Petersburg played a strong and cold role in colors.


Academic traditions have helped to curb the inner heat, deepen skills, streamline knowledge ..

The artist's work undoubtedly reflected the best traditions of the XIX-XX centuries, especially the philosophy of Valentin Serov, who said, “I want to write only the gratifying”! The impressionist Gennady's palette is very diverse and as he said: “I dream to collect and capture in my works all the sun and the colorfulness of life and nature.”


Sunny landscapes, still lifes and portraits attract many connoisseurs of painting, in particular, Gennady’s paintings adorn Madonna’s house and the Oscar-winning composer Trevor Jones (Sea of ​​Love films with Al Pacino and Notting Hill).


Gennady is rarely exhibited in Russia, not seeing a special meaning in it - he is treated kindly by the attention of the Celestial Empire, where he regularly makes creative trips to work in the open air and hold exhibitions.

В поисках сокровищ \ Treasure hunt - 60х50 см

Мишка пират \ Bear pirate - 60х50 см

Мишка Моряк \ Teddy Bear Sailor - 60х50 см

Яблоки \ Apples - 60х60 см

Морячка Соня \ Sailor Sonya - 60х50 см

Мишка Наполеон \ Napoleon - 60х50 см

Ангелочек \ Angel - 60х50 см

Ангелочек \ Angel - 60х50 см

Мишка Барабанщик \ Bear Drummer - 60х50 см

Розы \ Roses - 80x70 sm - Sold

Мишка на коне \ Bear on horseback - 60х50 см

Авиатор \ Aviator - 60х50 см


Авиаторы \ Aviators

Юный воздухоплаватель \ Young balloonist - 60х50 см