Rychkov Alexey

Inspired by works of Russian marine painters, Aleksey Rychkov specialized in sea landscapes at the beginning of his creative career. The characteristic feature of his paintings is thin and transparent technique of depicting water in motion. City landscapes of the artist are of romantic spirit and mood: St. Petersburg, the Neva, bridges and embankments, classical architecture. Landscapes of St. Petersburg are akin to works of old masters in the interpretation of the artist. He has an excellent command of multilayered painting technique which is organically combined with the effective and solemn panoramic compositions.

Alexey Rychkov's works are characterized by easy rendering of atmospheric effects with soft variations of tones, a variety of techniques and combining pastose painting and glazes on one canvas. The artist creates the sublime, and at the same time live images cast in a perfect form according to laws of classicism. Complex, and equally harmonious compositions are characteristic of his still lifes in the spirit of Kalf and Snyders. Portrait painting bears the imprint of romanticism, typical of the artist lightness of smooth lines and textures.

Alexey Rychkov is an artist of rare, unique ability to masterly create pictures in different genres and techniques, and also to carry out art copies. It is appreciated by gallery owners and collectors in Russia and abroad".

E. Karshina

The Magazine "Planet of People", 2010

Alexey Rychkov is a graduate of Leningrad Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design (1993).

1995 Beginning of cooperation with art galleries in Prague, Warsaw, Helsinki. Being invited to work in Paris Alexey painted more than a hundred of pictures for 5 years, which were sold at auctions and exhibitions of Russian Art in Paris. Paintings of this period were used to decorate the Westminster Grand Hotel (Paris).

2001-2005 The Saint Petersburg Mining University ordered to recreate the lost portrait gallery of Russian emperors and men of science.

2002 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs purchased the painting “Peter’s City” to present it to Kofi Annan in the Palace of the United Nations.

2003 Participated in the Grand Open-Air of the Russian Museum “The 300th Anniversary of the Summer Garden”, won the audience award and the Grand Prix of the festival.

2004 Сreated a series of canvases devoted to Russian ballet. Some of the paintings were represented at the exhibition “Ballet. Ballet? Ballet!” at the PAR gallery (Zurich, Switzerland).

2006 Participated in the competition of marine painters at the Museum of Ethnography in St. Petersburg. Three pictures were purchased by the founders of the exhibition (Germany).

2006 Participated in the competition of marine painters at the Museum of Ethnography in St. Petersburg. Three pictures were purchased by the founders of the exhibition (Germany).

2009 Participation in the exhibition “Canal’s Views” at the Montmartre gallery.

2010-2012 Participation in the Baltic Sea Festival at LENEXPO complex. Personal exhibition in the Angleterre hotel (St. Petersburg).

2007-2012 More than 200 paintings were created within the project of Victor Shirokikh "Cathedrals of the World"; the mobile expoition is exhibited in different cities of Russia. www.sirokich.ru

2013 The collection of pictures was represented at the gallery of Russian art “UNIVERSE IMPRESSION” (China, Nanjing).

2014 Participation in the Moscow International Art Salon “Central House of Artists – 2014”.

2015 Became the winner of the Art Festival at the Constantine Palace, the nomination “Artist of the Year of the Congress Palace”.

2017 Permanent exhibition of the collection “Peter’s City” in the restaurant of the same name. (St. Petersburg, Universitetskaya Embankment, 5).

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