Ovchinnikova Alexandra

Alexandra Ovchinnikova is a member of Russian Union of Artists, and Unitad Union Of Artists – IFA, one of the most gifted and unique modern painter of Russia, was born in 1974.

In her only 40 years, the artist has already participated in the largest and most prestigious exhibitions in Russia and Europe, as in The Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg, The Central Naval Museum, Saint-Petersburg, ‘Erarta’ – Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art, Saint-Petersburg Union of Artist, Salon d’automne Paris, France, and even in ‘Bijlmerbajes’ – Amsterdam’s prison, Holland.

She uses in her paintings a heritage of French postimpressionist Paul Cezanne and continuous working in same style as Paul did.

Last exhibitions where artist took a part:

“Family portrait” (The Russian Museum, 2014);

“Dinner is served. The Russian Museum Culinary companion” (The Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg, 2013);

“Great ships need deep waters” (The Central Naval Museum, Saint-Petersburg, 2014, with the participation of famous russian art-group “Mitki”);

“Private Life” (Erarta, Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art, Saint-Petersburg, 2014);

“Kresty. Saint-Petersburg’s prison / Bijlmerbajes. Amsterdam’s prison” (Erarta, Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art, Saint-Petersburg, 2013);

Personal exhibitions:

“Dust of time” (Saint-Petersburg Union of Artist, Saint-Petersburg, 2013);

“Was in Paris” (Gallery of modern art “MArt”, Saint-Petersburg, 2013);

“People in the form” (IFA exhibition halls,2013)

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