Smirnoff Andrey

Smirnoff Andrey a member of Russian Union of Artists, is one of the most talented and unique modern painter of Russia

Was born in 1960 in Nizhniy Novgorod city, Russia

Yang talent started his education in the College of Theater in faculty of Decorating

In 1988  he joined the prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, also known as the Repin Art Academy. He studied in a workshop under direction of famous artist V.I.Reihet

Since 1997- Member of the Russian Union of Artists

Since 1994  artist took part in a great number of exhibitions around the country and abroad.  The artworks are in a lot of private collections in Russia, China, France, UK, Finland, Germany  etc.

Smirnoff Andrey works in modern style, uses gold and silver elements. He is painter with unique artistic language, powerful brush strokes and contrasting, sensual colors. He gets inspiration from mystery of women`s soul. Women in artist`s canvases are always full of secrets and self-love. They are flirting with person, who watching at them.

The main exhibitions were in Paris, London, Shanghai, Hamburg, Leon and Saint-Petersburg

In summer 2012 artist`s painting «Forest» 80×100 sm was sold on auction «Dreams 2012» with support Christie`s for 10.000 $

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