Zhumabaev Tuman

Tuman Zhumabaev a member of Russian Union of Artists, one of the most talented, popular modern painter of Russia

Was born in in the village of Karasu, Kirghizia

A gifted draughtsman, in 1981 began his studies in the Artistic college named for V. Serov in Leningrad (now known as St. Petersburg), where fundamental art techniques have always been well thought.

Later in 1991, Tuman completed his art education in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, also known as the Repin Art Academy. Tuman studied in a workshop under direction of Y.M. Neprintsev

Since 1983 artist took part in a great number of exhibitions around the country and abroad.

His works are in private collections in Russia, USA, China, Austria, France, Germany,  Finland, UK, etc.

Artist works in impressionism style, where combines decoration and real color’s drama. Tuman`s pictures are fool of passion, feelings  and  temperament.  He gives the tradition his own distinctive intonation and a unique artistic value.  Tuman paints three classical forms – portrait, landscape and still life. The main themes in the works of artist are the beauty of the water, flowers and the magnificence of the female body.

The main exhibitions:

1996: Personal exhibition, Private Gallery, Austria

1999, 2000: Personal exhibition in the Central Artists’ House, Moscow

2001: Personal exhibition “Tuman’s Light”, the Artists’ Union Exhibition Center, Saint-Petersburg

2003,2004: Personal exhibition, the Central Artists’ House, Moscow

2004: Personal exhibition in Hanoy, Vietnam

2004:  Creation of the artists’ association “Argonauts”, the group exhibition “The ways of Argonauts”, the Artist`s  Union Exhibition Center, Saint-Petersburg

2005: Group exhibition “The ways of Argonauts -2”, the Central Artists’ House, Moscow

2005: Group exhibition “The ways of Argonauts -3”, the Saint-Petersburg Artists’Union Exhibition Center, Saint-Petersburg

2006 Personal exhibition “Rembrandt’s Light”, the Saint-Petersburg Artist’s  Union Exhibition Center, Saint-Petersburg

2006: Personal exhibition (within the framework “The days of Saint-Petersburg culture in Isphakhan), the Iran Museum of Modern Art, Iran

2006: Personal exhibition “Rembrandt’s Light”, the department of the State Hermitage Museum: the Menshikov Palace

2007: Group exhibition “Tsvet ne Tsvet”, Russian-Chinese project in Hanzhoy within the framework of “The year of China in Russia”, China

2007: Personal exhibition “Tumannaya rhapsody” within the 6th E.Obraztsova Young Opera Singers International Competition, Saint-Petersburg

2008: Personal exhibition “The Awakening”, the Samara Regional Art Museum together with the art gallery “Marshan” (Saint-Petersburg), Samara

2008 April: Personal exhibition “Tuman with Vietnamese friends” Thang Long Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

2008 September:  Personal  exhibition “Flowers of Luciano Pavarotti”, a part of the International Competition of Tenors in memory of Luciano Pavarotti; the Saint-Petersburg Shostakovich Academic Philharmonic.

2009 April: Personal exhibition “The ancient Rusisia snow” in the Central Artist House, Moscow,  etc.

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